How We Partner

Working together for your success

Ross F. Carroll Inc. has built a solid and highly respected company by understanding that our business success relies on the success of our clients. At RFC we do not simply have clients, we have partners. We believe in strategic alliances to achieve the best result for a project. We take a team approach when working with our clients, and use our expertise matched up to their vision and direction to achieve the optimal results.

In select cases, RFC will need the support and expertise of other companies in order to most effectively fulfill our client’s needs. Likewise, we understand the need for and openly embrace providing our expertise on a sub-contract basis for our clients, partners, and our competitors. We will work in the manner that best suits the client and project needs.

RFC uses several delivery methods to partner with their clients:

  • Best Value
  • Bid Build
  • Design Build
  • Engineer, Procure, and Construct
  • Lease / Lease Back
  • Early Contractor Involvement
  • Negotiated Fixed Price
  • Unit Pricing
  • Time and Material

Through teamwork, our goal is to build trust with our clients from Day One through project completion.

I can say that when RFC is selected as the contractor on one of our client's projects, we have a definite trust that the project will go smoothly and challenges will be met with the experience and decision making that is needed during construction.

Barbara J. DeLaMare, Vice-President / Principal, DeLaMareFulz Civil Engineering